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Ahh yes, the sien. One of the fierce-known warriors of Halo I & Halo II. If you ever come across a sien, chances are you will never know, for a shot so clean and crisp has just sliced through your cerebral cortex leaving you incapacitated... yes, Headshot!
STK_OGRE 1 says "Yo Rippon, did you hear footsteps?" Rippon replies, "I thiin... " --- What Rippon will never know is that he almost saw a sien --- STK_OGRE 1 says "WTF! Rippppppppooooonnn!! Noo-- " HEADSHOT!

a.k.a. pWñzÖ|2z
by Dr. Science a.k.a. OGRE 1 April 21, 2005

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