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To injure your balls through playing a game. Normaly results in mass pain, side effect of rolling around on the floor in the future, while the memmory of the event is triggerd. Can be triggerd by someone talking about it, or seeing someone suffer a simalar injury.
They were playing nutball, during this game he was greged.
by Dr. S Patric May 09, 2003
A stage in an animals life, when its experinces feelings for other males of its species. This normaly results in the injury to the rear of one of the males.
The badger went through tomarse
by Dr. S Patric May 09, 2003
Where a person has a mark, even a birth mark or a stain under one of there eyes. Tends to be brown and sometimes have known to have hairs. Most people with this condition are short.
Roger has a terdeye.
by Dr. S Patric May 07, 2003
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