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A general term for any sexually transmitted disease.
By engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse you increase your chances of contracting Fuck Pox. Using birth control such as condoms is not a guarantee against contracting Fuck Pox.
by Dr. Reginold Goldstein August 11, 2011
A fabled sexual position that induces potentially fatal levels of sexual arousal. While the exact positioning is not known, many sexual anthropologist theorize that one or all of the participants are inverted and that the position can only be achieved in extreme humidity. Others speculate that while inversion may or may not be critical, a certain degree of human contortion is certainly needed to achieve a "full bloom".
The energetic lovers didn't believe that engaging in the Sugar Bloom, or Sugar Blooming, would actually kill them. They're dead now.
by Dr. Reginold Goldstein August 11, 2011

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