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The inability to relieve oneself of a 'brown baby'. The opposite of diarrhoea. The thing that killed Elvis. The torture that the eldery suffer most days. Prunes are the only saviour.
"In the name of all that is holy, I've never has so much trouble taking a shit in my life. That was the worst constipation ever."
by Dr. Reedman October 16, 2003
The tendency for all human beings to atttempt to belong to a group of people, by any means necessary, in order to feel secure and wanted. Conformity is displayed particularly well by weak-minded individuals who fear loneliness, and when alone feel too afraid to stand up for themselves. Conformity is allowing anything other than your own true desires to influence your decision making. Conformity is what separates the true individuals, who are oppressed and hated, from everybody else.
Followers of fashion
by Dr. Reedman October 16, 2003

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