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Firstly, i would like to correct a few misconceptions that have been made about the teeny bopper group. Teeny boppers, are NOT typically blonde, they do NOT hail from a particular age group, they are NOT sluts (to be a slut, you have to have slept with multiple partners in a short space of time). Now to my attacks on the people who have previously defined teeny bopper. Saying other people are mainstream DOESNT make you alternative. Bagging out other bands for being MAINSTREAM doesnt make you alternative. Naming bands that seem alternative, DOESNT make you so. Not having any other insult to call someone, doesnt NOT make them a teeny bopper by default. Now, i will leave my corrections, for there are too many.

Teeny boppers are people who are obsessed with being "cool". They are loud, and obnoxious, and often laugh at things that are not funny. Sometimes, i have found, they put on American accents when recounting things (not too sure what thats about).
Below are some examples, undoubtedly there are more, however, there are too may to list, and i have too little time.

P.S Saying you want to kill teeny boppers, doesnt mean you arent one. It means youre psycho.
1. Teeny boppers dress entirely in supre.
2. They scan magazines for the "what's hot" column.
3. They don't care if it looks like shit on them, as long as it's in this months GIRLFRIEND.
4. DeY tYpE n SmS lyYkZ dIzZ.
5. They "play" soccer at lunch, for the sole purpose of skanking around the opposite sex.
6. They often have "i love (insert name of most recent encounter)" in their msn nicknames.
by Dr. Proficient October 03, 2006

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