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2 definitions by Dr. Ivonna Phuc Allot

The organ in your body that pumps blood to the lungs in the right ventricle and blood comes in from your left ventricle, there are 4 chambers in your body. These are the Left and Right Ventricles, and the Left and Right Atriums.
The heart is an organ that works with the lungs to keep you alive. So don't fucking smoke or eat high cholestrol foods you fags!
by Dr. Ivonna Phuc Allot May 27, 2004
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Ambergriss- The waste in the whale's digestive tract used in the finest perfume. Used in Futurama, not sure if I spelt it right.
Do not take these. It stinks like hell.
by Dr. Ivonna Phuc Allot May 27, 2004
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