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Once a derogatory term for Filipinos, the nascent Filipino first generation culture of the 1990's (often associated with the Filipino Pride or "AZN" movement in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area) reconciled a hybrid identity that was both American and Filipino by appropriating the term FLIP as one of pride and solidarity. Much like how the African American community appropriated the once derogatory term "nigger," into "my nigga," the term has become a way of subverting the dominant culture's use of language to label, suppress, and compartmentalize the minority. In many ways, the appropriation of a once derogatory term for the minority into one of pride and solidarity has become a way for the minority to create and assert their own identity in the face of a society that once actively sought to suppress that identity.
FLIP Pride, Proud to be a FLIP, FLIP beauty
by Dr. Fujita-Rony August 16, 2007

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