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The word Allison means "of noble sort" or "noble". It can also mean "Honest" and "True". These definitions hardly seem to captivate the true person behind the name normally. Allison, in most cases, is always kind, and beautiful. She's a bit stubborn at times, but these little things are the things that make you enjoy her company, and companionship all the more. Most people when meeting an Allison immediately get a sense of awe, and strive to get to know this Allison better. Allison is the smartest, most clever girl you shall meet, and on top of this her beauty is unmatched. Umatched so you begin to wonder if it is a mortal beauty. This is Allison, and if you are lucky enough to know this Allison, be thankful.

(note: yes, there are bad Allisons, but they just turned that way over time and misuse. They should probably get their name changed to something like... Tina, or Sheena)
Craig: "What happened!?"

Greg: "You just passed out dude."

Craig: "But, ...why dude? why??"

Greg: "I'm pretty sure you saw an Allison."

Craig: "Darn you amnesia, and all your side-effects!!!"
by Dr. Douglas Snuggles PhD July 29, 2010
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