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Home of the country's dumbest government system ever. Full of a bunch of pussies who over charge you in taxes so that they can save the trees. You may also know it for its tendency to have a retarded school system where the administration are a bunch of fags when it comes to suspending a student. People often nickname it the wannabe Greenwich Country Club or that place where a bunch of people go to waste their money on their kids thinking the school system is good. The only store in the town gives a new definition to rathole. The only good part about Easton is that it has numerous exits to get out. Kids there think they're black and dress up to a laxer style attire. Many of them would rather live and die in Bridgeport than ever set foot in Easton.
Student: I will stab you with a knife (pretending to teacher)
Male Teacher: Ugh! Oh my gosh he's gonna murder me! Police! Police! I'm going to press charges. Always in the town of Easton!
Principal:Jokingly saying that you'll stab someone violates our policies, that will be a 1 month suspension.

Principal: We called you in here because you... Do you know what you did?
Student: Uhhh...
Principal: We called you in because you logged onto someone else's account which violates our acceptable use policy. That means you're expelled.
by Dr. Dandelion June 02, 2011

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