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This is a level 10 degree, which many intelligent people take as part of the their academia, of Doctorate is the precursor for a future in research and professorship. A phd is a difficult degree resulting in may sleepless nights and incredible work loads. ..but if in the right divison...party time!!!!The benefits of a phd is that you become a doctor and have the legal right to put dr. in front of your name if you enjoy research and think it is for you a phd is a great stepping stone into becoming a respected doctoral scientist.
Phd is not permanent head damage
by Dr. D.G heffler March 22, 2009
These are girls that are pale and have weird fetishes with their feet, ie all fancy shoes and try to seduce you with them, they are emotionally unstable and most are mentally damaged, they like to appear happy and bubbly but most people that are intelligent see right through their shallowness, they seem to put on american accents even if they have very thick culture accents. They have no self esteem, and are prone to a life of drugs alcohol and abortions.
emo girls are shallow
by Dr. D.G heffler March 21, 2009

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