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British Columbia- Most Western Canadian province. Also known for it's fine BC bud.
Jeremy went to BC and brought back some BC bud- the finest the world has to offer.
by Dr. Ben May 29, 2003
A motor vehicle made by Chevrolet.
Marc's 1983 Chevy Malibu takes asian cars and fucks them until they die, no matter how many cheap plastic spoilers and hood scoops they have.
by Dr. Ben May 29, 2003
To take a shit of colossal proportions- often takes several attempts to flush or must be broken up into several smaller pieces before going down.
Some dude dropped a flopper in the washroom- it's a 10-pounder at least!
by Dr. Ben May 29, 2003
A small German town that induces hysterical laughter in German class.
Phil comes from Fechingen, where they love to feltch all day long.
by Dr. Ben May 29, 2003
The act of having one's erect penis kicked in order to attain sexual gratification.
Calen White loves a good game of Cock Soccer with his parol officer (but only when he's off duty).
by Dr. Ben May 29, 2003
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