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Norsk (Norwegian) for cheers, drink up! Pronounced like scauld without the D, scaul.
Skål!! It's newyears!!
by Dr. Battleship DeCock March 13, 2008
These are Lesbians that after meeting someone tend to move in with that person right away. It is a very unhealthy type of behavior that stems from their inability to date the preferred sex when they were younger for fear of retaliation or chiding.
Claire is such a U-Haul Lesbian, she met JoJo last week and they have already moved in together.
by Dr. Battleship DeCock March 13, 2008
This is a person that is SO fuckin lame, they think that staying home and Pounding their Balls while they jackoff is a form of entertainment.
Is Cris comming with us?
No, that fuckin Ball Pounder is staying home.
by Dr. Battleship DeCock February 28, 2008
The penis of an older man that has weathered many a vaginal seas. They are brought out for various ceremonies throughout the year. Some mens Battleships have more ceremonies than others.
So Bob; are you gonna be sailin the old Battleship this weekend?
by Dr. Battleship DeCock February 28, 2008

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