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cock wompum, cock wompem, cock wompin'

an initial reference to money(1), this term can be used in everyday life for a variety of expresions, much like the phrase "dude".

the "-um" ending can be used to express a distaste in something or someone(2), or the praise of something/someone(3).

the "-em" ending is a verb that calls for action to be made(4) or to describe actions that have taken place(5)

the "-in" ending is also verb, but this one descrides an action as it is happening(6)

the word is always open to new conjugations. HAPPY CONJUGATING EVERYONE!
(1)"A years subscription to Hustler will run you about 42 cock wompum."

(2) After seeing the bill for her breast augmentation Bomtwan said,"That's fucking cock wompum!"

(3) "That Jesus dude is cock wompum."

(4) When Billy Bob and his buddies saw a man who seemed he could be a homosexual, his buddies told him to cock wompem'.

(5) After the touchdown catch, the fan yelled, "Cock wompem'!"

(6) While little Jimmy was boning his girlfriend, his mom banged on the door and said,"What are you doing?!" Jimmy responded,"I'm cock wompin' ,ma!"
by Dr. Ahktar December 14, 2008

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