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While the term ADD, or attention-deficit disorder, has become increasingly popular among laypersons, BADD, or Boy attention-deficit disorder is a lesser known variant. It is a clinically diagnosed disorder characterized by inattention to girls including little interest in pursuing friendships with them, hyperactivity around boys, and impulsiveness towards boys (both sexual and non-sexual).

As with all disorders there are differing symptoms among sufferers which also may include;
Having several 'crushes' and/or 'seeing' seeing several different boys concurrently, Seeing boys as objects and thus "collectible" and craving male attention.

Note: Sufferers behaviors can be seen as more socially acceptable than sluts as their behaviors are not always sexual, however general consensus is that featured behaviors are on a par with that of sexual sluts due to emotional impact on boys that may unknowingly get involved.

Etiology - can be several contributing factors.

Read also Daddy issues
Sluts often can be suffering from an undiagnosed sever case of Boy attention-deficit disorder.
by Dr Phillski July 05, 2010

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