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1. A reference to the time continuum, sort of like the "doll drums." The basis is from the perspective of someone who has accomplished very little, yet maintains high enough energy to try and bring others down to their level.

2. Being "lost in the P-fold" refers to a time in a person's life when they are angry, frustrated, and rejected by most of society, but then maintaining one's self-esteem and ego by claiming that they planned it this way all along.

3. Taking on avatars to hide one's true identity due to lack of personal success, but then realizing one's shortcomings and proclaiming them to have been planned, as well as to denigrate others' achievements.

4. A passive-aggressive response to one's own shortcomings. Being in the "P-fold" is like a fold in the time of one's life where he/she refuses to accept his/her shortcomings and to correct them, instead trying to validate them by other means. With high insecurity and low self-esteem, people in the P-fold of their lives are not able to understand constructive criticism and instead try to denigrate others without accepting responsibility for themselves.
Man, she is totally lost in a P-fold. Guys don't like her, so she says she is a lesbian. She can't get a job, so she says that she is self-employed. She lives with her parents still, but she calls her bedroom a home office. Why doesn't she just fix her flaws and quit lying to herself and others?
by Dr Phillip June 21, 2011

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