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Breakfast and a blow job. An American tradition of reconciliation between partners, typically occurring after some misdeed by the female. The breakfast always includes eggs, bacon and hashbrowns, but may also include sausage, biscuits, gravy, as well as peppers and onions. The blow job always includes a facial.
-Dude, you're still talking to her after she puked in your bed?

-Yeah, I pretty much had to forgive her when she gave me the B & B.
by Dr Mike Hancho December 09, 2010
a cave where gingers are bred and raised. this is why they do not fair well in the sun. it has not been determined if the environment inside these caves plays any part in the gingers soullessness.
morgan won't be coming outside today. it's much to sunny for her to leave the confines of her ginger cave.
by dr mike hancho November 15, 2010
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