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Pronunciation: 'Sh-me-dal-ized'

to be talked to to the point of utter exaustion.
someone who just will not shut up
"I was schmiedelized"
"that person just schmiedelized me to death"
by Dr Know-it-all August 11, 2005
Pronunciation: 'tan-j&-"rEn, "tan-j&-'
Function: noun
Etymology: French Tanger Tangier, Morocco
1 a : any of various mandarins that have usually deep orange skin and pulp; broadly : MANDARIN 3b b : a tree producing tangerines
2 : a moderate to strong reddish orange
3 : a band from Pittsburgh, PA
"Would you like to try a tangerine?"
by Dr Know-it-all August 11, 2005
the space of skin between a males nut sack and butthole.
"you need to shave your monarch"
by Dr Know-it-all August 11, 2005
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