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Excel Saga:
A parody of many amine series. Very bizarre, yet very entertaining.
I watched the first episode of Excel Saga yesterday, and thought I was in a dream.
by Dr Funk October 27, 2003
Hellsing: A Japanese anime series (13 episodes) about a Brisish organization created to destroy the undead. The main character appears to be a incarnet of Dracula bonded to the head of an organization sworn to kill vampires. Alucard (Dracula reincarnet) is only allowed to use a limited amount of his power (due to his bondage/imprisonment) in his battles unless authorized. This is a graphic but entertaining story. Ive only watched it in Japanese, I hope it is not butchered in English.
I wish they would make a movie of Hellsing
by Dr Funk October 27, 2003
A collective of musician's, producer's, artists, and poets. Funkality music productions is bridging the gap between modern synthesis and old school soul. Bringing you new flavor's for your earbuds.
Funkality really funked out that show last night.
by Dr funk June 10, 2013
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