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A word that is an irregular extension or formation of an existing word in order to imply extra connotations or suggest further associations from the meaning of the root word. Like the words synonym, antonym and homonym, the word extonym is derived similarly: Ext- (extend) + "onyma" (Greek for "name").
An extonym for the word "moustache" is "moustachioed", e.g. a "moustachioed" man is not simply a man with a moustache but implies the moustache is the defining feature of his character.

An extonym for the word "speech" is "speechifying", e.g. "The politician finished speechifying the audience and quickly left." Therefore the politician does not simply make a speech but the connotations are that the giving of the speech was the function of the politician's role, not intended sincerely, and in turn the audience has tolerated this ritual with a suggestion it has been covered in an aural equivalent of bulldust.

An extonym for the word "feral" is "feralated", e.g. "The shoppers went wild at the Xmas sale, leaving the shop assistants feralated by the end of the morning." The implication is that the shop assistants have not simply been tested by heavy traffic but the normally domesticated shoppers have been so wild that the shop assistants have been wrung out, if not personally violated, by the abandonment of civilised standards.
by Dr Euan Mitchell December 21, 2005
Ticks made on a checklist which are not worth the paper they are written on. Named after the Munich Agreement made in 1938 between Nazi Germany, Italy, France and Great Britain, which then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain famously hailed as guaranteeing “Peace in our time”. Less than one year later World War II began.

Reporter: Even though you were warned for two years the railway crossing was an accident waiting to happen, you did nothing. Why?

Politician: That's not true. My department did a safety audit of the crossing that ticked all the boxes.

Reporter: But ten people have now died at the crossing, was your audit nothing but Munich ticks?

Politician: I’ll have to look into that.
by Dr Euan Mitchell May 24, 2006

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