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(British) The archetype of eccentricity.

Who "Spud" was is no longer known - but certainly, the name comes to mind whenever a somewhat extraordinary individual is encountered. This mysterious figure has, in some parts of England, come to embody all that is strange, but harmless.
"I saw this man in town...and woah, he was just like Spud!"
by Dr Apple January 05, 2005
1. (British) An exclamation of delight, used to express extreme pleasure. Often uttered in a high-pitched squeak.
2. (British) A person of high stature or one held in great esteem.
1. "...and when the great man went up to the stage, the audience could not stop screaming 'Blore! BLORE!'"
2. "...that guy is on the way to becoming a true Blore..."
by Dr Apple January 05, 2005
A knight in King Arthur's court, who plays a significant role in much mediaeval literature - most notably in the anonymous Arthurian romance "Sir Gawayn and þe Grene Kni3t" (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight).
Gawan, þat sate bi þe quene,
To þe kyng he can enclyne:
"I beseche now with sa3ez sene
Þis melly mot be myne."

--Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, lines 339-342.
by Dr Apple January 06, 2005
(Shakespearean). An insult, bowdlerised in most modern editions as "cream-faced loon". A panicked Servant enters, bringing Macbeth news of English forces advancing on Dunsinane. Macbeth immediately scoffs at his fearful appearance, calling him (in an echo of many anti-feminist expressions encountered in this distinctly androcentric play) "quim-faced".
Enter a SERVANT:
MACBETH: The devil damn thee black, thou quim-faced loon!
Where got'st thou that goose look?
(Macbeth, Act V Scene 3)
by Dr Apple March 23, 2013
a) An exclamation of despair or woe - a highly intensified form of "bloody hell!" or "dammit!".
b) (Shakespearean) - an expression from Act I Scene 3 of Othello. Brabantio is furious that his daughter Desdemona is in love with the Moor: he speculates that, with this love being so unnatural, Othello must have evoked malevolent supernatural influences, the powers of "cunting hell".
It is a judgement maimed and most imperfect
That will confess perfection so could err.
Against all rules of nature, and must be driven
To find out practices of cunting hell
Why this should be.
(OTHELLO, Act I Scene 3, lines 102-106).
by Dr Apple December 10, 2012
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