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Rudy is an underdog or unlikely candidate for getting laid but scores with a real hot chick out of the blue.
Hey "Rudy" way to go champ, you really got lucky this time.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
Depositing your semen in the buttcrack of your sexual partner.
Wow, I watched this porn star give a girl a good caulking after sex.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
Similar to the Cleveland Steamer but instead of defacting on the females chest you eat some laxitives and aim at the face. With the right amount of pushing and holding it in you can make an explosion will leave the victim scarred for life.
John knew his girlfirend was cheating on him so he ate some exlax and surprised her with a Nagasaki Bomb.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
You wack off in a persons shoe, leaving your cum in there for them to step in and walk around it unknowingly. Leave your unborn children in their slippers or sneakers to get even.
Rich was so mad at Henry that to get even he jerked off into Henry's shoes. Boy Henry wasn't expecting to be walking around in Baby Shoes that day.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
Deposting you semen in a girls belly button.
This chick actually let me do the petrie dish to her.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
When you hide your eggs(sperm, semen) in someones nostrils. Like the tradition of the old easter egg hunt performed on Easter Sunday. There are a few ways you can do this. While you victim is asleep you can wack off and aim into their nose or you can just cum in your hand and shove it up their nose with your fingers. They will fucking hate life for a long time after that.
All that shit Joe was talking last night about my girlfriend, he deserves an Easter Sunday.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
When you wack off and jizz in your hand and use the cum as lube to wack off again.
I was so horny that I tried the Recycler and beat off twice in a row.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
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