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3 definitions by Douglas Page

A great website about the life of the great Marquis Dupre. (www.crapperie.com)
The Crapperie has great articles about Douglas.
by Douglas Page March 02, 2005
A nearly wiped out ethnic group of humans who breath very noisily through the mouth only. Major causes of death are from suffocation while: giving blow jobs, eating, or attempting to breathe from the nose.
1. Alex almost suffocated yesterday while eating; he must be a Mouth Breather.
2. Sadly, Alexis suffocated while giving Mr. Andryszak a blow job. She was the last female Mouth Breather.
by Douglas Page February 22, 2005
noun - a predator, particularly sexually on small children (7-10 years). Tends to favor the anus over other body parts. Enjoys giving Cleveland Steamers and making slaths.
1. Douglas is a Dupreying mantis and he got arrested for sexual predation.
2. There was a law passed to arrest all of the Dupreying mantisses because of their tendencies.
by Douglas Page February 28, 2005