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If I may interject with some sense...
Yes, I dislike runescape. I'm not thick enough to mindlessly sit slumped on a chair whileing away the hours watching my 'character' endlessly hack at a collection of blocks that is meant to be a tree. However, I do not try to force this view upon everybody. Not everybody who plays runescape is a nerd. Conversely, not all nerds play runescape! I used to play runescape and I met some genuinely friendly people. But I did also meet quite a few d*ckheads.
My view is, weirdly, that you are entitled to your view. However, PLEASE, PLEASE, consider your own wellbeing - runescape consumes your entire life!!
I have met some runescape addicts in the 'real world' (an idea that many of the aforementioned addicts find hard to understand) and I was stunned at their lack of intelligence. One in particular (naming no names) would always come up to me and start talking at me about 'rs' as if I cared. So, not wishing to upset him, I would drop him hints to try and make him SHUT UP (it was really that exasperating). A normal person would most likely have understood, but he just plouhed on, blissfully unaware of the fact that I was within inches of grabbing the nearest metal girder and clobbering his head until he ceased to be. Other nerds I have met seem unable to grasp the concept that I might actually *gulp* HATE their beloved runescape. The example below demonstrates.
In conclusion, Many people who play runescape are friendly, popular people. Unfortunately, the majority are brain-dead, square-eyed, friendless, lifeless, irritating, boring, miserable, freaky and altogether pathetic wimps, nerds and geeks.
Now, about that example...
Me; I've told you many times before, I don't care about what kind of virtual armour you have. I HATE RUNESCAPE!!!
Nerd/Addict; But I've got full rune!!
Me; Do I look like I give a toss?
Nerd/Addict; It's really cool, see, cos I've got like, like, 200k!
Nerd/Addict; But I've got full rune!!
Me; AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!......
by Douglas Henderson April 04, 2007
one more stunningly thick qoute from old georgie.....

Seriously, what the hell was he thinking?

'Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream'

George Bush also makes repeated use of the word 'misunderestimated' which actually isn't a word at all!!
by Douglas Henderson April 04, 2007
The precision aerobatics display team of the royal air force. Widely regarded as one of, if not the best display team in the world. Their most famous manouver is almost undoubtedly the 'diamond 9' formation.
The red arrows use BAE hawk trainer jets that are light, nimble and agile. Their livery is, unsurprisingly, red.
Often use red, white and blue smoke trails to create mesmerizing effects.
Another famous manouver, so exciting it is now used by other aero-display teams as well, is the high-speed pass, whereby two jets speed directly towards eac other from opposite ends of the airfield, seemingly on a collision course. As they meet in the center, the jets tip their wings 90 degrees in opposing directions, and by so doing passing each other with inches to spare.
The red arrows, in displays, are absolutely stunning. Undoubtedly one of the list of 50 things to do/see before you die!!
by Douglas Henderson April 04, 2007

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