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Pertaining to the action of inserting ones penis into a banking vacuum tube which gives a sensation of a close encounter of the third kind.
Man: "Did you go to the bank today?"
Man 2: "Yea. It will be my last deposit"
Man: "A Mongolian Moon Tube?"
Man 2: "Johnny Bench called."
#mongolian #moon #tube #blow job #bank
by Dougar Bait September 28, 2009
A penis that is indistinguishable from a pubic hair.
Woman: "How did your date go?"
Woman 2: "Well he cooked for me. Italian"
Woman: "Angel Hair pasta"
Woman: "Tell me about it. A sicilian toothpick"
#italy #penis #pube #pasta #chode
by Dougar Bait September 28, 2009
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