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This is a game played using a group of at least 3 people. Before the game starts each person chooses an animal and declares a motion of that animal. For example.. Doug is always the snake.. ALWAYS. NO EXCEPTIONS. When someone calls on him he displays the snake symbol (flat o on sign language for all you signers out there) The game is played to the beat of "We Will Rock You" with patting 2x on the lap and one clap. When the game begins the snake always starts the beat so everyone catches on until everyone else joins in. The snake then does his symbol and on the second time around throws up someone elses symbol in the current game and then that person does another persons symbol.

1. Calling on someone who is out of the game means you suck and your out of the game you idiot.
2. You can't call on the person who just called on you.
3. No screwing up the signs - you have to keep the beat going.
4. The last 2 people left have to get progessively faster calling out eachothers signs until the winner is determined.
5. After the winner is determined he or she has the absolute right to taunt another opponent in the previous game.
Pat, Pat, Clap. Pat, Pat, Clap. Pat, Pat, Clap. (This begining portion goes on until everyone in the game catches onto the beat the snake set.) Pat, Pat, (Snake Sign). Pat, Pat, (Unicorn Sign). The Unicorn then goes... Pat, Pat, (Unicorn Sign) Pat, Pat, (Moose Sign) etc etc etc

Amy: I'm bored.
Katie: Me too.
Amy: What do you wanna do?
Amy: Alright call up the gang.
15 Minutes Later...
Katie: Ok guys, let's play.
Matt: Can I be the snake?
Matt: Alright I'll just be "NO!" (With Face)
by Doug and Amy September 28, 2006

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