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An extremeshot is the highest level extension of being a bigshot. Extremeshots can usually be observed demeaning coworkers and talking down about members of the opposite sex while simultaneously invoking feelings of hate and jealousy from all those around them.
That guy is such an extremeshot that he just rolled up and parked his BMW in the handicap spot and then proceeded to make his secretary go grocery shopping and to pick up his dry cleaning for him! I hate him because I want to be him!
by Doug S May 08, 2007
A hugeshot is bigger than a bigshot but not as good as an extremeshot. Used to describe a certain level of confidence and borderline arrogance when dealing in daily matters.
Scott thinks he is such a hugeshot. He just told all those people what to do, and they don't even work for him!
by Doug S May 08, 2007
Cool, awesome, brilliant (derived from 'batshit insane' and 'crazy', where 'crazy' is used in the positive sense)
Hey man, that movie was batshit!

That party was batshit!

This drink is batshit!
by Doug S May 02, 2007

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