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The foreshortening of an event, particularly a sporting contest.
The rain at Wimbledon adjinticated the tennis unfortunately resulting in Cliff Richard seizing the opportunity to sing.
by Doug Major April 01, 2008
v. A folicle reaction to a girl over-dying her hair causing severe orange colouration. Despite everything they tell you, it was not intentional and they didn't do it for a special party.

Can be a permanant change then referred to as Seville Syndrome leading to forced vegetarianism, smoking roll-ups and an appreciation of Cat Stevens' early work.
man- Crikey! Thats a loud colour, was it meant to be that bright?
woman- Yeah, I went to a fancy dress party as a vegetarian hippy, it'll wash out in a few days.
man- Balls it will; that is Sevillation and is permanent.
woman- sob sob sob blah blah blah
by Doug Major April 27, 2008

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