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Dropping your child off at someone else's house to be watched while you go off and get your eyebrows waxed or someother such nonsense while simultaneously doing some rat-tastic bullshit like handing over the child with a known soiled diaper or dropping off the child for hours with no diapers, food, or other child essentials.
-Honey, what's that smell?
-Danielle dropped off her baby with a loaded diaper.
-Oh let me grab you a diaper and some wipes.
-There isn't any, I already checked.
-Ain't that some Rat Queen Parenting.
by Doug Avery December 10, 2008
The act of tucking in the blankets underneath you while your wife/girlfriend is in the bathroom, etc. and letting loose some serious gas. When she returns, she is forced to pull the blankets out from under you and in the process catches a facefull of your wonderful aroma.
-Why didn't you get any ass last night?
-I gave Tiffany the old Pullstart Dutch Oven. She then proceeded to tell me how nasty I was and went to sleep on the couch.
-Damn dude, you really do smell like the middle deck of a slave ship when you rip ass.
-Desire smells like that to some.
by Doug Avery November 20, 2008

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