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One who cuts the heart out of a tampon and sticks a Mcgriddle from Mcdonalds and wraps the tampon shell aroung the Mcgriddle an shoves it up his/her twat.
Person 1: Dude I cought my girlfriend shoving a douche mcgriddle up her twat.
Person 2: Did you get some after????
Person 1: Get some what??
Person 2: You know some greasy pussy.
Person 1: Well... you know there was that time where I used vasoline...
Person 2: You sick hair crammer.
by Douche Mcgriddle October 07, 2005
One who shaves pubic hair and shoves up victims cunt
"Man that bitch wanted me to shave my pubes, and stick it up her cunt. What a fucking hair crammer!!!"
by Douche Mcgriddle October 07, 2005
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