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A common racial slur and offensive math problem, Negrocity is the determination of ones blackness by calculating ones big ass ape lips-to-laziness ratio. Often times called upon as the REAL reason for minority unemployment.

-Negrocity is Judged in shades, ranging from cracker white to Eddie Murphy

The equation, as follows, looks like this:
N: Negrocity
Weed: W
bi-weekly time frame: T
smoked perday: 20 D's
lip density: LD
WE: Welfare


N: LD6.13x(20D's+W)/WE-T
Tyrone had a lower lip density of 6.13 cm, and he smoked weed and collected welfare while unemployed.

Now, Tyrone's accumulative amount of pot smoked daily was approximately 1 nick and 1.56 blunts. quite the chimney.

If you take into the account of how much weed he consumed in D-dollars, and welfare arrives on the first and fifteenth, as represented by T-time.

The amount smoked daily is (saying one blunt costs 15 dollars of ganja) 20 bucks (approx).

welfare checks arriving bi-weekly are around $300

in one week tyrone goes through approx. 140 dollars of weed (280 every two weeks. ) leaving approximately 20 dollars left over for dominoes and purpo- drank.

Tyrones Negrocity rating is: BURNT AS HELL
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by Douche Macfarlane March 05, 2010
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