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A particular breed of douche bag residing within the confines of the Inland Empire of Southern California.
Inland Empire Douche Bag examples: May be Characterized by the following: 1. Raised off road vehicles 2. raised trucks or SUV's 3. Multiple IE, SoCal, 909, 951, Riverside 4. Life tattoos, GotSand, Glamis tattoos 5. over inflated sense of self worth 6. beer guts 7.heavily into RAP or Alternative Rock 8. Low IQ's 9. goatees or shaped beards 10. own a lifted or "weekend warrior" trailer 11. wearing sandals and oversized shorts 12. trash girlfriends 13. habitual smokers 14. have a crappy job or peddle loans and real estate or pyramid schemes.
by Douche Bag1 October 11, 2009
1.) That portion of the inland empire encompassing Ontario, Chino and cities that use the 909 area code. Differs from 951ers in that the 909 cities are particular slums, crime ridden neighborhoods filled with gangs, douchebags and criminals. The few exceptions are isolated communities of half way decent people but the plague of gangs. ignorance and criminals encompasses 90 percent of the region where people mostly peddle loans and real estate. 2.) That area of California where get rich schemes and fat, ignorant people reside.
Chino and Ontario are examples of a 909 area code city on the brink of collapse into social, welfare and economic chaos. Gang ridden and without high paying jobs, most of the residents sell no income mortgage loans or get by through pyramid schemes.
by Douche Bag1 October 11, 2009

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