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person 1 is baited into performing "the hardest situp ever". Person 1 then lies on the floor on their back and told cross hands on chest. Person 2 then holds a towel over the face of person 1 covering the eyes telling him sit up quickly with all his strength when he say to. Meanwhile person 3 has removed their pants and is squating over person 1's face with out him knowing. Person 2 then tells person 1 to sit up quickly and removes the towel as soon as the sit up begins. The result is person 1's nose is planted into person 2's ass.
Betcha cant do an atomic situp
by Double fisted Bobo August 18, 2003
A good-ole fashion Kansas boy who wears low cut plaid golfing pants, styles his hair, floats like a fairy on the court, who met Monic thru an atomic situp
Twinkle Toes wishes he was dancing in New York.
by Double Fisted Bobo August 21, 2003

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