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1 definition by Double Deucer

Non-Stop Talking Syndrome. The type of person who you can't stand to be around because they just won't stop talking.

AKA: SUPER-diarrhea of the mouth.
Veronika: O hello. How are you doing. What time you want eat dearest next year? Do you know what is going on in Russia right now. It's quite fascinating. As a matter of fact, those Chinese people are taking over the world. O blyhtz yup toy o matz. Sorry boss cookies are one minute late. Oh no what should I -

Ben: Well actually, I believe based on what I learned in AP Euro that the Chinese are slightly behind the Japanese, who actually just were majorly damaged by a tsunami. Oh man, I just realized that reminds me, I got a 99 on my Euro test today even though everyone else got less than an 80. I'm gonna try to fight for the point. Hmm...

Francesco: Uhhhhhh, I'm gonna kill myself! STFU its like you have NSTS or something.
by Double Deucer April 15, 2011