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Another classification bolstered into the media and popular culture to turn individuals into a demographic, generating lots of dough for the economy.

If you like music for depth, lyrically or musically, underground or mainstream, rock or electronic, all that means is that you understand what music SHOULD be about. It's not about what artists you listen to, or how "scene" you are, whatever "scene" you most closely tie yourself to. 's going ouIf you listen to only mainstream or only underground music, get a life. Open your minds, kids.

If you get depressed sometimes and see the world as a bleak place, well, damn straight - life isn't supposed to be easy. It's the act of conquering your problems that makes you happy - not avoiding them. And no, being emotional does not put you in the "emo", "fag", or "pussy" class. If you're getting depressed about material possessions (i.e. mom and dad won't buy that new mesh hoodie for you until next month), go buy a nice pretty gun and figure out what to do with it (not your parents, yourself! duh.). If you really think that people are good in nature, please seek counseling immediately.

When you assimilate yourself to one of these cliquey classifications, you could potentially rob yourself of your individuality, and build an invisible wall. It's called "wedge tactics", and the government uses the media to divide its people with them. So if you think that by associating yourself with a preset counterculture you're "sticking it to the man", think again.

The implication is not that falling into an "emo kid" classification, or any predefined social rung, automatically makes you a product - in theory, basing your life around a single preconceived concept does. Try being an individual, even if it went out of style.
INDIVIDUAL: I listen to Converge, Aphex Twin, Hero of a Hundred Fights, Zao, The Postal Service, Rammstein, Mindless Self Indulgence, Tool, Pete Yorn, Pantera, The Beatles, Black Flag, Stavesacre, Tech Itch, Buju Banton, Linkin Park, Rites of Spring, Wes Davis, Justin Timberlake, Paul Oakenfold, Squarepusher, Engine Down, Every Time I Die, Coldplay, Evol Intent, Braid, Vex'd, Tiesto, Sunny Day Real Estate, Venetian Snares, The Pixies, Weather Report, Wu Tang Clan, Aesop Rock, The Cars, My Chemical Romance, Tom Waits, Portraits of Past, Nirvana, Slayer, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Boards of Canada...

BRAINWASHED "EMO KID": That is sooo not scene...
by Double A Def January 18, 2007

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