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2 definitions by Doomsday Jesus

A cartoon during the mid 90's that was, go figure, cancelled by FOX. More great cancelled shows include Futurama, Life with Louie, The PJs.

The Critic was about the life of Jay Sherman(voiced by Jon Lovitz) who lived in New York City. He was a fat, bald movie critic who never gives a positive review. He has basically no friends and everyone hates him. Each episode had a parody of a movie Jay was reviewing that were usually 2 or 3 years old. It was probably FOX's biggest mistake cancelling it. Now they broadcast dogshit like American Idol and reruns of Becker. It only had 2 seasons.
The Critic was one of those cartoons everybody could enjoy, much like the Simpsons(it even had some of the same producers). It was funny but no too over the top. Why this show was cancelled is beyond me.
by Doomsday Jesus September 22, 2006
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A gamble is when you have to fart but your afraid you'll crap your pants. Therefore you just have to take a gamble and wish for the best.

*In an office building*

Joe: Man I gotta fart.

Bill: So fart what's the big deal?

Joe: Yea but I might crap I can sorta feel it.

Bill: Guess your gonna have to take a gamble.
by Doomsday Jesus September 17, 2006
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