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The best show on the planet that was cancelled due to Nickelodon being the most pussy network ever with no idea how great they had become. (they then proceeded to cancell all other good shows like kennan and kel, and the original cast of All That, and instead started showing Spongebob)
IZ has made words like "moose, pig, cow, taco, taquito, and doom" the best words on the planet.
The show has sprouted a huge fanbase that has produced many merchendise years after its cancellation.
Invader Zim was the best thing that ever happened to the cartooning world, and we should all worship Jhonen Vasquez.
Gir and Minimoose are the coolest, cutest things ever!
Man, i was watching disc 6 of Invader Zim and then turned on Nickelodeon, they were playing Spongebob. I then proceeded to bash the T.V. screen in with a hammer... I love Invader Zim...
I need tacos! i need them or ill explode, that happens to me sometimes...
my... my... my taquitoes... TAQUITOES!!!!!
Lets rain some DOOM upon the DOOMED inhabitants of this DOOMED planet
IM GONNA SING THE DOOM SONG NOW! doom doom doom doom doom doom doom...
Lets go to my room pig!
by Doomed Moose February 26, 2006
A greeting

A nickname for a good friend

something to say when you don't know what else to say
a reference to Invader Zim

Sup Moose?

umm... moose!

I love that Moose from the IZ ep, Room With a Moose!
oh yea, MOOSE!
yea but i like Minimoose better from the Christmas ep.
by Doomed Moose February 26, 2006

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