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While sharing a cigarette, bowl, etc, talking instead of smoking and passing.

The act of talking while holding a shared cigarette, bowl, etc, thus delaying others enjoyment and uslessly burning the smoked object.


One who feels the need to talk while holding smoked object in a cyph.

Derived from the novel LORD OF THE FLIES wherein a conch shell is used to determine who is allowed to speak. As we live in a modern society, we do not need to hold objects in order to be heard. Therefore, conching is unnecessary and also burns away good smoke.
"Hey Joe! Stop conching and pass that!"

"This thing's kicked! Dammit Chris, you conched for so long that this thing's more beat than Tina Turner!"

"I like Dave a lot, but I would never smoke with him. He's a big concher. Once he gets his turn in the cyph, he'll talk until that shit's gone!"
by Donny Pro-Am March 27, 2008

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