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2 definitions by Donnell Lankford

1. (v) To Shut the Fuck UP.

2. (v) to stand there with nothing to say, swallowing your saliva in embarrasment or shame.
"Lisa should swallow her neck, she wasn't even there, she doesn't know what happened."

"Hey, Lisa was swallowing her neck when she found out that she didnt have her fact straight. It was funny."

Swallow your neck LISA!!! dumb ass..
by Donnell Lankford August 25, 2007
ginormousity ;burliness or huskiness expressed through breathing heavily while trying to speak.
" I was going to go out with that girl that my boys knew but when she called, that she was huge cause she was fat thoatin'.
by Donnell Lankford July 28, 2005