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A character from Jackie Chan Adventures who uses analogies.
Meteor brings mass extinction!
Hungry wolf slaughters lamb!
Angry crow takes flight!
Fluffy kitty lies down with stuffed animal!

Ratso: Fluffy kitty lies down with stuffed animal?

Hak Foo: They can't all be good!
by Donkey Kong Song October 10, 2003
Irresponsible prankster. As seen on Teen Titans.
When Beast Boy threw the motor oil at Starfire, he was being a clorbag.
by Donkey Kong Song August 17, 2003
A man using a woman's breasts as earmuffs. Usually by sitting in front or laying on the woman's stomach.
Tit earmuffs are comfortable
by Donkey Kong Song December 25, 2003
Scooby-Doo in denial
"Will you beat up that monster, Scooby?"
by Donkey Kong Song February 04, 2003
This one is definitely worth my time and consideration... DELETED!!!
Homestar: Hey, where's Strong Bad? I sent him an invitation awhile ago!
Strong Sad: Maybe it got... De-le-ted!
by Donkey Kong Song December 05, 2003
An elite fighting force sworn to protect the world from the forces of Blue Laser.
Cheat Commandos, they're probably battling evil,
And each one sold seperately,
Cheat Commandos, they're always fighting for freedom,
Buy all our playsets and toys!
by Donkey Kong Song June 24, 2004
The recovery level of a clorbag
Beast Boy reasoned with Thunder and Lightning and moved up to a milnip wusserloo
by Donkey Kong Song August 17, 2003

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