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Synonym for "love", a word that is so overused today that a replacement was needed. This is that replacement.
I snubblewub Jennifer. She's the best woman I ever met.

Princess: "Oh Sir Gawain, please do be careful!"

Sir Gawain: "Fear naught, my snubblewub! I shall slay the evil wizard!"
by Donald Dump May 25, 2011
A synonym for whoo-dee-doo. To be uttered when the person could not care less about a situation.
Aid: Mr. President, an asteroid is going to crash into Guam!
President: Well hibble bibble! We didn't need it anyway!
by Donald Dump February 25, 2015
A penis.
The suspect was caught tugging on his ting ting outside the ladies room at T.G.I Fridays. No charges have been filed.
by Donald Dump April 27, 2011
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