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When a downs syndrome person gets mad.

Scientifically proven to be three times as powerful as the rage emitted by a person of regular intellect.

Retard Rage has been known to be particularly deadly when combined with Retard Strength.
Newspaper headline:


A 39 year old New England shop owner was killed yesterday when the downs syndrome man he was serving became enraged over the price of eggs. SWAT officers were called when the arresting officers realised standard steel handcuffs were not enough to restrain the retard rage.
by Don Strongo May 29, 2010
The act of drugging 5 downs syndrome people of roughly similar build (preferably male - they're quicker but also harder to catch). You must transport the drugged downs syndromes to a pre-approved location.

You then mark out a race track using markers, chalk or any other object you have handy. (it is suggested that you start by making the track a circle or oval, the more advanced may choose to add S-bends etc. but this is not recommended for beginners).

Before the drugs wear off of the downs syndromes (which can be referred to as cars at this point), you must remove their clothes and paint your preferred number on their stomach. (You may also put sponsor stickers on their arms and legs for the authentic NASCAR look).

You then line the 5 'cars' up at the starting line.
Stand the groggy 'car' up, you stand behind them and put your arms over their shoulders. You then must have your elected pit crew assist you in looping an oversized leather belt around yours and the 'cars' waist and fastening it at your back so the 'car' cannot reach it.

As the 'cars' slowly begin to come out of their groggy state you should put your helmet on. Have your pit crew help you if needed.

Before the 'cars' can fully realise where they are and whats happening the race co-ordinator shall fire off the starting gun at which point a selected member of your pit crew (dressed as a skeleton) should start to chase your 'car' around the track.
It is recommended that you limit the race to no more than 5 laps on a medium sized track depending on the fitness of the downs syndrome people (cars) you have selected to race.

The winner should be rewarded with an inscribed medallion or statuette and also pose for a photo opportunity with the two most attractive downs syndrome people kissing each of the winners cheeks.


Dave: "Who won the Retard Racing?"

Ted: "Mike won, but Peter would have taken out the championship if he hadnt crashed and caught fire on the second to last corner. The mechanics had to sell the 'car' as scraps"
by Don Strongo May 28, 2010
A woman confined to a wheelchair who enters a virtual reality machine and becomes a blue alien in order to get laid.
Jenny Manchonko: "I want to get laid by an alien, please hook me up to this machine so i can become a Vagatar"
by Don Strongo May 28, 2010
When a man stands over a kneeling blonde woman. He places her hair over his erection and wraps it around his shaft two times. The woman then takes the mans erect penis in both of her hands and masturbates him furiously, just as the man is about to cum he must do a backflip, pulling out a chunk of the womans hair as he cums directly onto her bald patch when he lands.
I want to try The Ripper on my girlfriend.
by Don Strongo June 22, 2010
A group activity which is enjoyed by 5 out of 6 people.
Chuck: "Wanna do a Gang Rape?"

Dave, Mike and Pete: "Yes"

Michelle: "No"
by Don Strongo May 29, 2010

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