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1) One who can be an exceptionally good wife.
who is loyal, trustworthy,loving and both genuinely caring.
2) Mermaid
3) Top Jewel
4) Treasure of the heart (trust)
5) One who is full of character
I didn't have hope of finding a wife in such a corrupt society.
However there are few women out there like my Meenal.

The prized Meenal makes me wealthy inside.
by Don Red January 25, 2009
1) In memory of a hard worker
2) One dedicated to the family
3) One who is a loving father
4)Also a last name of strong survivors
5) Those who work through the worst times
My Lamba is the strongest person I know.
At such economic times you gotta be like Lamba.
by Don Red January 25, 2009
to have an unchanging strong will.
Derived from the ancient India as
"One who will achieve all greatness and possess strong luck."

Don't worry about him, he is Sayal.
My son will have a good future, because he is born Sayal.
by Don Red January 25, 2009
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