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btdubz is used more orally than on writing though is not limited to just be used in speech. BTW is the actual meaning of BTDUBZ with the use of the letters B & T but using -DUBZ- as a replacement for the W
1) Oh btdubz Gerard is getting a D in AP Psychology.
2) The after party is at Don's house btdubz.
3) I'm Samantha and btdubz, I'm bipolar.
4) Muz get these sweaters. Btdubz theres cum on it.
5) Amanda has huge titties btdubz.
by Don Costales May 19, 2008
It is another commonly used acronym on AIM or just for fun. It is thought to be "4000 Me" by some people, and others think it's "Fork Me" when it actually is -=FUCK ME=-
Samantha Bauer's sister received an IM saying 4k Me really hard.
by Don Costales April 25, 2008
an acronym for "Today Is The Shit"
usually used before a day u kno will
be really good so you label it "TiTS"
person #1: Yooo we gon get fucked up

person #2: yea its gon be T.i.T.S.
by Don Costales April 27, 2008

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