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From Family Guy, when Peter Griffin started his old English pub. As you can tell, he put an E at the end of the words to make it Old English like. Knowing Peter, he would an 'e' on Pub, making it Pube.
Bob: I'm going to the Ye Old Pube
Joe: --Pube? Is that a gay bar?
by Don C. Hawantme May 31, 2007
A nonsense expression that doesn't really mean anything. Could be used to stop someone's doing. Similar to I am your mom
Bob: Hold your whale, the toilets broken!
Joe: --What?
by Don C. Hawantme May 31, 2007
An expression used to stop something or slow it down. If someone is talking fast, backup the train will mean for them to repeat what they said. Can be used with hold the phone
Kids in a classroom going crazy, someone swears
Teacher: Hold the phone, backup the train! Who said that?
by Don C. Hawantme May 31, 2007

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