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It occurs during a one-night stand. You bang the bitch raw-dog, and as you bust, you pull out and blow your load on her chest/stomach. When she goes to the bathroom to clean it off, you grab your shit, leave and you steal some of her D.V.D's on the way out (Don't-Mind-If-I-DO).
Damn son, I totally oopst that bitch. Let's watch some of her D.V.D's.
#raw dog #don't-mind-if-i-do #one-night stand #load #stealing
by Don Brewer (D.R. For Life) May 26, 2007
This is the last step for a successful oopst It's stealing something before you leave the house (usually D.V.D's) from a stranger you just blew your load on, while she is in the bathroom cleaning it off the cum. Make sure you won't see this bitch again. And if you do, try to oopst her again.
Man, I totally oopst that bitch and on the way out, I did a don't mind if I do and took some of her D.V.D's.
#oopst #one night stand #stealing #d #v #d's #load
by Don Brewer (D.R. For Life) May 26, 2007
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