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Stunning! The best person you will ever meet in your whole entire life! She is full of energy and free spirited. She can be calm at times but not for long! She has the most precious face and the best body ever! She can make you laugh and entertain you no matter what kind of mood you are in. She is sooo SEXY and did I say intelligent? She can party but knows her limits......... She may seem nice on the outside which is mostly true, but if you pick the wrong bone she will pull out a fight and a disastrous one! She is probably the best person in the world that ever faced the Earth and the closest thing to perfect there is! Come on you cant ignore that face. She is a totally a understanding person who can pick you off your feet because she is so caring and strong! I know a Joyce and i still remember that day! She is soo amazing and you wont get the full feeling until you meet one Well, all i can say is dont take her for granted when you meet a Joyce because she'll get you back! She can be manipulative in so many ways so watch out! Born a the best and the best sexiest body! Born to be the BEST!!
Joyce, Stunning,
by Don'twishyouknewaJoyce? February 25, 2013
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