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A small, boring town in the Florida Panhandle lying next to Pensacola. Gulf Breeze is mostly composed of rich potheads, who are shallow and arrogant. Gulf Breeze High School is where the annoying dope smokers attend school, only to fail most of their classes despite the school's horrible curriculum. The girls often wear booty shorts barely covering their asses and a low-cut hollister shirt. The guys wear either board shorts, khakis, or jeans, along with a surfy t-shirt or a polo, along with topsiders or vans. These are the same people who are spoiled beyond belief by their parents, despite being expelled/suspended from school for drug use. There are some decent people in Gulf Breeze though.
However, Gulf Breeze can be a charming town- You can walk pretty much anywhere and you're ten minutes away from Pensacola Beach.

Gulf Breeze is good in most sports except for football, which they completely suck at because Gulf Breeze is pretty much all white people. In the 2010-2011 school year, the football team won their first game in years against Arnold High, which is in Panama City. Gulf Breeze does have a really good soccer team though. Their band is also pretty good.

A place where everyone gossips about eachother, lies, and stabs everyone in the back. The people of Gulf Breeze are typically referred to as "Breezers."
I hate Gulf Breeze.

-Person A: "Did you hear that _____ wrecked her brand new lexus?"
-Person B: "Yeah, her parents just bought her a new BMW."

-Pothead A: "Hey man, let's go smoke weed behind taco bell after school on Friday."

-Breezer 1: "Let's spread rumors about _____."
-Breezer 2: "That sounds like a splendid idea!"
*Victim of the rumors spread ends up being labeled as a slut and loses all of her friends*
*Breezers 1 & 2 laugh maliciously and sneer at the victim in the hallways of school*
by Don'tQuestionMe July 20, 2011
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