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A person who has the uncontrollable urge to giggle when they feel the need to void their bowels. Commonly occurs during butt sex.
So I heard you took it in the shitter and laughed, what the fuck?
by Don'tDickFriendsOverForDick<3 August 11, 2011
Virgo-itis is most often caused by people that infect the home with filth and disease, resulting in increased behavior that is typical of a virgo. Often times caused by others who lack basic hygienic skills.

Sudden bursts of cleaning(which last for hours) also cleaning while no one is home.
Treatment for acute virgo-itis is simply to let the behavior run it's course and allow yourself to clean for hours on end as there is currently no cure in sight.
I wish I could get rid of this virgoitis I have so that I can talk to my friends!
Wow! Look how clean it is in here! Looks like someone got a case of virgoitis!
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