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Not in any way a good country. Since Azerbaijanis and Turks are one of the same, they share common traits, such as lying, denying, conniving and killing, and back to lying again. They follow the footsteps of their fellow Turkish buddies, meaning that not long after the Turks tried to exterminate the Armenians, Pontic Greeks and the Assyrians, the Azerbaijanis decided to follow a similar pattern by invading Armenian villages in Armenia, trying to annex the country. They eventually ran off like the dogs they are when the Nagorno-Karabakh war ensued back in '88.

Modern day Azerbaijan consists of more than bribes, drugs and bootlegged DVDs. Azerbaijan also consists of liars, mentally impaired government products and has absolutely no basic essence of life. They are, at the least, 50 years behind every other country in the world. Oh yeah, and they have no REAL culture, unless if you consider stealing land and constantly lying part of the culture.
Azerbaijan Turk: man fuck you Armenians man we're Aryan we're the perfect race.
Me: An Aryan isn't someone from the perfect race, you turd. Aryans are an old civilization in Iran. Aryan is also ancient spelling of the word "Iranian".
Azerbaijan Turk: ...yeah, uh still FUCK YOU man get a life!
Me: Really? "Get a life"? Go back to your little corner.
Azerbaijan Turk: but--
Azerbaijan Turk: yes, sire.

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