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Slang for "Bag of Crap" in the woot.com online community, because they both share the initials "B.O.C."
A $200 refurbished Zune? When will the Boggy Old Creature go away!
#bag of crap #baby of cosmos #banality of consumerism #piece of shit #sack of shit
by Domonique Dagdag September 24, 2009
A bread found mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a hard, crunchy, upper crust that fractures into small bits during baking as the loaf rises, leaving an interesting pattern of cracks on the top of the bread. Commonly used for sandwiches.
I broke a tooth on the Dutch Crunch at Le Boulangers.
#tiger bread #tijgerbrood #bread #sourdough #le boulangers
by Domonique Dagdag September 24, 2009
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